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Fast Track Colonoscopy

Just about everyone should undergo a screening colonoscopy at age 50, (or age 45 for African­Americans,) on the recommendation of the American Cancer Society. Our Fast Track Colonoscopy program allows healthy patients, with no gastroenterological symptoms, over the age of 50 (age 45 for African-Americans) and weighing less than 300 lbs., to obtain a screening colonoscopy without the extra time and expense of a prior office consultation.

Colonoscopy is the gold standard for colon cancer screening and prevention. Your family doctor may have recommended this. Other screening methods such as stool DNA, occult blood, or imaging are alternatives. These methods do not have the supportive data for prevention, since polyps can be removed at the time of colonoscopy but are not treated by pure diagnostic testing.

Patients with a strong family history - a first-degree relative (parents, siblings, or children) diagnosed with colon cancer - may also be eligible to participate in the Fast Track Colonoscopy program and should consider screening colonoscopy either at age 40, or when the patient reaches the age of being 10 years younger than when the first-degree relative was diagnosed with colon cancer.

This program is designed to minimize your time off of work or other activities by allowing an appropriate, healthy patient the opportunity of obtaining a screening colonoscopy without coming in first for an office consultation.


If you have digestive problems or symptoms, a Fast Track Colonoscopy should not be done. You will need an office visit for a consultation about your symptoms first. The Fast Track Colonoscopy is for screening when you have no particular gastrointestinal symptoms.

If you are having digestive or bowel symptoms, please call our office (856) 772-1600 to schedule an appointment and do not plan on a Fast Track Colonoscopy. The doctor will make suggestions for test to evaluate your problem at the office visit.

Direct Access Colonoscopy

Our direct access program allows you to schedule a colonoscopy without a lengthy referral process.

Colon cancer screening is proven effective and the American Cancer Society recommends if for anyone over 50. Please watch this YouTube Video for more information. You can contact our offices at (856) 772-1600 or complete this online questionnaire and a representative from the office will contact you.

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